Sturgeon, Sevriuga, Beluga on-sailor

Sturgeon, Sevriuga, Beluga on-sailor

Fish 150, 30 mushrooms, onion seedling 20, 10 red wine, olives 15, crawfish 1 pc., White bread dough or puff 25, 50 fresh water, butter or margarine cream 15, 5 anchovies.

Small seedlings fry onions in butter, add the red wine and simmer until tender. Prepared portions sturgeon simmered in broth and pass on to a dish. The broth remaining after simmered, add red or basic tomato sauce, let simmer and strain. The sauce is strained put browned onions, cooked sliced ​​mushrooms, crawfish, olives (pitted), bring to a boil, season with butter, mixed with mashed anchovies, and pour over the fish laid on a dish. Flooded with fish sauce impose slices baked puff or fried in butter slices of white bread.

You can also cook the cod, sturgeon, flounder, eel.


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  1. Candace Kage says:

    I haven't had sturgeon in a long time. Cod will have to do.


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