Chestnuts stewed with celery

Chestnuts stewed with celery

Chestnuts 200, celery 25, 50 broth, butter 15, 50 sauce, nutmeg.

Peeled chestnut kernel pour meat broth, add chopped into strips and fry the celery, salt and simmer until tender for 30-40 minutes in the pan, lid closed on low heat.

Ready chestnuts pour red sauce, seasoned with nutmeg, and boil.

Serve as a separate dish or as a garnish.

6 Comments Add yours

  1. Ashley says:

    Wow, how easy and delicious does that sound?! Thanks for sharing this!


  2. Candace Kage says:

    Once again you have given us a great delicious recipe. Saving for this winter when I have chestnuts.


  3. Always welcome 🙂


  4. That sounds yummy. How long does it take to prepare start to finish? Thanks for sharing


  5. Homeby Jenn says:

    This sounds so good. My father has a chestnut tree and always has a ton left over. Looks like this summer I will be making this. Thanks for sharing!


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