Grilled pheasant fillet with jam

Grilled pheasant fillet with jam

94 pheasant fillets, eggs 1/4 pcs., Butter 20, 30 white bread, fried potatoes 100, 50 jam, pepper and herbs.

Clean fillet from the tendons. Fillet of 2 pieces per serving. Chunks fight off, sprinkle with salt and pepper, moisten with the egg, breaded in the crumb of white bread, cut into cubes or short strips, and fry.

When a fillet ready to put on a dish, put the potatoes, fried strips and garnish with greens.
Separately submit a jam cowberries or cranberry apple.

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  1. Candace Kage says:

    Love eating pheasant, adding jam sound like a great idea.


  2. Shamira West says:

    interesting recipes and choice of meat! I have never had Pheasant before. I don't even think they sell it at the markets that I shop at in my city. The recipe sounds good though.


  3. Leah Elwood says:

    Holy 94 pheasant fillets. My husband loves pheasant though, he made them bacon wrapped once and it was so good! I'd love to try this.


  4. The layouts accompanying recipes of this publication, and given a set number of products in grams net weight (net) on one portion or 1 kg, or 100 pieces of finished products.


  5. I have never tried pheasant before, but I hear it is a delicious meat. I love the idea of adding sweet jam to the combination. Wow! It sounds yummy.


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