Veal dumplings with sauce

Veal dumplings with sauce

Veal 140, white bread 15, 70 milk, eggs 13, 10 butter, sauce 100, 100-150 garnish, pepper, nutmeg, parsley.

Pulp veal to miss twice through a meat grinder, add the white bread (no crusts), soaked in milk, raw egg and mix things up, skip through the meat grinder again. Put mass in a bowl and whisk to whisk, gradually add milk.

With the final portion of milk put into mass salt (10 g per 1 kg), little nutmeg and pepper. After this mass pass through the wiper car or rub through a sieve and thoroughly mix with the softened butter.

To cut the mass in the dumplings with two tablespoons, and cook them in salted broth.

Boiled dumplings pour white sauce with egg yolks and cream sauce with paprika or tomato sauce from fresh tomatoes.


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  1. I LOVE dumplings! Never tried it with veal though, but I am sure it is amazing with the sauce!


  2. Bella B says:

    I am sure I would love these dumplings. I am not a fan of veal but maybe I could try with chicken.


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