Siberian dumplings

Siberian dumplings

For the dough: 330 flour, 23 eggs, 115 water, salt 6; dough output 450; for minced beef 200, 230 pork, onion 40, salt 9, pepper 0.2, 0.5 sugar, water 90; minced output 560; eggs for lubrication 20. The yield of raw meat dumplings 1 kg.

Sift the flour on the table, pour a mound and make it a funnel-shaped recess in which to pour water mixed with eggs and salt. Mix the eggs and the water should be at the rate of 1 kg 400 g flour mixture and kneading seek all liquid quickly mixed with flour. Knead the dough uniform, be postponed for 20-30 minutes, to facilitate rolling.

Prepared dough roll out a long strip thickness of 1-1.5 mm and a width of 40-50 cm and lubricate the egg Full length test, retreating 3-4 cm from the edge, spread the stuffing balls of 5-6 g 2-3 cm one from another. Meat Balls close edge of the dough, the upper layer of dough pressed his hands to the bottom around each ball and cut the dumplings in a semi-circle with a diameter of about 3 cm. Dumplings put on a baking tray floured, and put into the refrigerator.

To prepare the stuffing suit pork, lamb or beef. The cut pieces and mince, add salt, pepper, sugar, water (one-fifth of the weight of the meat). Mix with minced onion. Dumplings boil in salted water (4 liters of water 1 kg of dumplings, 40 grams of salt) at low boil for 8-10 minutes.

By dumplings can apply butter or sour cream, vinegar.

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  1. Candace Kage says:

    Love this recipe, I am into making dumplings at this moment.


  2. Ooooo these dumplings look so yummy!!!!!! I must give them a try!!!


  3. I love dumplings, but never tried to cook them myself… I'll have to follow yours step by step, wish me luck! thanks!


  4. I wish you patience and good luck 🙂


  5. I will have to try these! They look delicious.


  6. Bella B says:

    These sound very good. I am very fond of any kind of dumpling.


  7. VET LEOW says:

    I love to eat dumplings in soup especially during cold weather…thanks!


  8. Oh my!!! Dumplings are my fave!! Need these!!


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