Chicken fillet with asparagus

Chicken fillet with asparagus

Chicken fillet 85, 15 butter, asparagus 30, 40 tomatoes, white bread 30, baskets of dough 2 pcs., 75 sauce, pepper, herbs.

Poached fillet lay on a toasted slice of white bread, put on a dish or a plate and garnish with baskets of puff pastry filled with asparagus, tomatoes. Filet pour white sauce with egg yolks.

For a side dish to cook the asparagus and season it with oil; slices of tomatoes (without skin and seeds), sprinkle with salt and pepper and fry with oil.

Place the garnish to a basket and sprinkle them with parsley or dill.


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  1. I don't eat meat, but I'm sure my wife would love this!


  2. Jolina says:

    We're always looking for different ways to cook chicken and this looks interesting and simple to do!


  3. Candace Kage says:

    Chicken we always have on hand, another great meal.


  4. Sounds interesting!!


  5. Oh now this looks good. Guess what we'll have this week? Thank you for posting the idea!


  6. I love chicken paired with asparagus!!!! ā¤


  7. Paola Cioppi says:

    Mmm, yum! I love asparagus! Not a fan of chicken myself but this is a great dish for hubby!


  8. Cori Large says:

    I'm a new reader, and I'm confused by your recipe. What do you mean when you say chicken fillet 85? 85 oz? 85 grams? 85 lbs.? (That would be a lot of chicken!) Your ingredients list sounds lovely, but I have no idea how I'm supposed to read it.


  9. Sorry, you right, it is not clear.
    The layouts accompanying recipes of this publication, and given a set number of products in grams net weight (net) on one portion or 1 kg, or 100 pieces of finished products.
    Tab 'About' in top menubar šŸ™‚


  10. GG says:

    Your recipe layout looks good but I can't understand it either. I'm not sure I get your explanation. It's easier to not have to look up another page to understand it. Or maybe I'm just being a bit thick?! GG


  11. You can see my previous comment in this page. Or I can help anything else?


  12. This sounds like such a great traditional recipe. It reminds me of something my great-aunt would serve at her house inFrance!


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