Macaroni boiled with meat (nautically)

Macaroni boiled with meat (nautically)

80 Pasta, meat 75, 15 melted butter, onion 20, 30 broth, lard, beef melted 10.

Beef, lamb or pork mince and fry in lard. Meat put in a bowl, add the browned in butter with chopped onion, pour broth and simmer until meat is tender. Macaroni boil in salted water and drain the broth and mix them with the stew.


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  1. Candace Kage says:

    Simple meat and pasta dish. Hearty cooking.


  2. Cori Large says:

    I don't see lamb in many recipes where it isn't the main event. This looks promising.


  3. Taylor says:

    One pot meals are the best!


  4. Lard! Yum. People in the US are so EEEK lard, but I love the way it makes food taste.


  5. I'm so picky about macaroni. I've never had it with meat. Sounds tasty.


  6. Paola Cioppi says:

    This sounds very comforting and tasty, had not thought of doing it before.


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