Salad of sturgeon, stellate sturgeon and beluga

Salad of sturgeon, stellate sturgeon and beluga

50 Fish, boiled potatoes 35, Canned cucumbers (gherkins) 25, 10 green salad, mayonnaise 40, sauce “Southern” 10, 20 eggs, caviar 6,  salmon 8, crawfish or crabs 5, 10 olives.

By delicacy sauces, different sharpness spice taste and aroma, is a group of soy sauces, of which sauce “Southern” – one of the most common. Also enzymatic soy sauce, which include: applesauce, tomato paste, salt liver, vegetable oil, a variety of spices and herbs, onions, garlic, raisins, vinegar and Madeira.
This sauce is used for fish, meat and vegetable dishes, widely used for oriental dishes, it added to the red sauce culinary production.

Boiled sturgeon and other fish and potatoes, canned cucumbers (gherkins), and hard-boiled eggs, cut into slices 2-2.5 cm, and a green salad – apart. Season with mayonnaise sauce, to taste add the sauce “Southern” and salt. All this put a slide in a salad bowl, garnish with lettuce leaves, salmon, cut into diamond-shaped strips of pressed caviar, mugs boiled egg, crab or crayfish and black olives (pitted).

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  1. What a lovely mixed salad. I love anything with gherkins in it.


  2. Emmyw says:

    Wow! Really interesting list of ingredients for this one. I'd love to give it a try.


  3. I love everything in that list of ingredients!


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