Duck with cherries

Duck with cherries

Duck 155, 5 poultry fat, wine (Madeira) 5, cherries pitted 50, butter 5.

Major poultry (geese, ducks and turkeys) prepared for frying, salt inside and out, put on a baking sheet back down, pour the fat, and the fat geese and ducks – with hot water and put in the broiler.

During roasting the bird periodically flip and baste and highlights from her juice. 

Cooked poultry to shift into another bowl and drain the fat from the pan, leaving the juice. Baking put on a plate, pour broth and boil. Thus obtained juice strain.

Dilute the juice left over from cooking wine (Madeira), brown broth (40 g), boil and strain. Put into this sauce and fresh cherries (pitted), the duck pieces and boil.

When submitting portions birds put on a platter, garnish with cherries and pour the juice and oil.

8 Comments Add yours

  1. Vy Tran says:

    This site is great! it's like looking back in time and reliving the flavors of the past


  2. Candace Kage says:

    Duck paired with Cherries sounds delicious.


  3. I have never had duck and cherries together, but I bet they go together really well.


  4. Nellwyn says:

    Sounds delicious! I love duck, it's definitely one of my favourite foods.

    Nellwyn |


  5. Sophia Reed says:

    Adding cherries is different but is sounds like it would be amazing.


  6. Danielle says:

    Duck with cherries and all the juices you describe sounds delicious. Ok, I want some ASAP!!!


  7. I've never had this combination before, but I've heard that they're a match made in heaven.


  8. I've never had duck before but this sounds really amazing.


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