Goose or duck smoked with prunes

Goose or duck smoked with prunes

Goose or duck smoked 100, butter 10, 100 sauce, red wine 25, 40 carrots, parsley and celery, 15, 20 seedling onions, prunes 100, 1 nutmeg, cinnamon 0.5.

Fry in butter carrots, parsley, celery, sliced, onions and small sapling. Put the roots in a red sauce, add red wine, nutmeg, cinnamon and let the sauce boil.

Goose or duck cut into chunks, put in the sauce and simmer. For 15 minutes, until done to put the bird washed prunes, after removing it from the bone.

When a bird to put in a deep dish or on a plate, pour the sauce, garnish submit.


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  1. Candace Kage says:

    Been hunting tons of geese this should be perfect.


  2. I really enjoy duck, but I have never had it with prunes before. It sounds good though.


  3. Elo says:

    Oh yes! I love duck! I had it with prunes before but not in that recipe. It's hard to find duck here in Australia.


  4. Really? The problem is to find a duck in Australia? I never thought 🙂


  5. Candace Kage says:

    Tried this with goose and it turned out delicious. Everyone enjoyed this dish. Next time I'll try duck.


  6. Oh wow! This looks like an easy delicious recipe! Thanks!


  7. Cori Large says:

    This sounds delicious and luxurious.


  8. Never had a duck .. but this sounds inviting 🙂


  9. Paola Cioppi says:

    Interesting combination, would love to try it.


  10. Quite a strong bird duck, I'm sure this is a lovely dish


  11. I don't eat duck but I think those who do would love the combination of the ingredients you have used.


  12. This sounds so rich and sweet tasting. I never would have thought about combining those ingredients. I would love to see some pictures of the dishes in addition to the recipes you have put on your blog.


  13. Becki S says:

    I've never had duck but this sounds interesting.


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