Excerpt from an article about the culinary arts

Excerpt from an article about the culinary arts

Soviet cooking consists of generally accepted our meals; it is equally decorated cakes and Russian and Ukrainian borscht, and Uzbek pilaf, shish kebabs and the Georgian and Armenian dolma and Azerbaijan Petey, and many other excellent national dishes and snacks of all the peoples of our country.

Socialism does not imply leveling tastes

Only our enemies, slandering socialism, credited us the desire to bring everywhere and anywhere template, stencil, hamper, limit or even eliminate the development of individual to individual.

No, we Communists, for all-round development of broad individual tastes, abilities, creative abilities of every citizen of our society, and we have proved it throughout the practice of socialist construction in our country

Therefore, in such an important matter as the food of the people, it is our first duty to provide the necessary variety of food, the development of individual tastes and needs and their complete satisfaction.


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