Quail stuffed with liver

Quail stuffed with liver

Quails 2 pcs., poultry meat, fowl or veal 10, mince liver 40, 5 cream, wine (Madeira) or cognac 5, 50 white bread, butter 10, 50 sauce, pepper.

Of liver of poultry cook mince as well as for the pate. In the mince add pureed through a sieve chicken, veal or fowl (20-25%), cream and season with salt to pepper; pour wine (Madeira) or cognac and add some spice powder.

Prepared quail carcase body sprawled on the board to put on each carcass mince (40-50 g), giving it the appearance of a whole carcass, a little salt, wrap in a clean strip of writing paper, put in a saucepan, pour the meat juice (20 g) and put in ovens for 20 minutes. 

When the paper lightly browns, saucepan cover and simmered until cooked poultry.

When a quail put on croutons, fried with butter and sprinkle with Madeira sauce.
For garnish you can submit a green salad, vegetable salad and fruit or fruit salad.


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  1. sheila j says:

    great post 🙂 found it interesting


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