Casserole with fresh fruit

Casserole with fresh fruit

65 Groats, milk or water 170, 10 sugar, butter 5, eggs 8, apples or pears fresh 60, sour cream 5, 4 crackers, fruit sauce 75.

Boil the milk or water, sticky porridge of rice, millet, or semolina, add to it egg, mixed with sugar and stir.

Half dressed porridge put an even layer on the pan, greased and sprinkled with breadcrumbs, it diced (10 mm), apples, pears without skin and seeds, or plums, apricots, pitted.

Fruit cover the rest of the cereal layer, brush the surface with a mixture of eggs with sour cream and bake.
Serve the pudding with a sweet fruit sauce or sour cream.

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