Weekend cocktails

Weekend coctails

Coctail ‘Moscow’
Tincture bitter juniper 25, “Southern” liquor 10 (liqueur flavored with orange, you can replace the liqueur “Cointreau” or “Triple Sec”), 5 lemon juice, cherry liqueur 10, liquor flavored 5, 5 canned fruit, ice 15.

Cocktail ‘Metropolitan’
Vodka “Stolichnaya” 50, Liquor “Southern” 15, 5 balm, fruit canned 5, 0.1 lemon peel, ice 25.

Cocktail ‘Hello’
Liqueur “Chartreuse” 40, 40 cognac, lemon juice 5, 5 fruits canned, ice 10.

Cocktails are prepared in a shaker with ice, the technology described in this recipe. When serving add fruit.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Candace Kage says:

    If I add fruit that means it is healthy for me and I can drink or eat more correct.


  2. Work'nPlay says:

    The Cocktail Moscow looks yummy! I'll bet the cherry, lemon and orange go really well together.


  3. Absolutely right, but better more drink, than eat 🙂


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