Broth with omelette

Broth with omelette

The broth of meat, chicken or wildfowl 400, butter 1, egg 1/2 pcs., 25 milk, greens.

Raw eggs lightly beaten whisk and gradually add them cold milk or broth. The resulting mixture of salt and strain through a sieve and pour into molds, greased. Cook the omelette in a water bath at a temperature of 80-85° or in ovens, avoiding boiling water.

The portioned forms omelet cook 12 to 15 minutes, and in the forms of capacity 400-500g – 30-35 minutes. After cooking omelets must have a dense consistency. Ready omelet cooled to 30 °.

When serving omelette removed from the a la carte form (scrambled eggs, boiled in great shape, cut into chunks), put in a bowl and pour the clear broth. To improve the appearance of the dishes you can add chopped spinach leaves cooked or scalded leaves of parsley.


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