Pancakes with mushrooms

Pancakes with mushrooms

Pancakes ready 100, 100 fresh porcini mushrooms, onion 30, sauce 25, eggs 1 pcs., 20 bread crumbs, melted butter 15, 30-40 cream, parsley 10. Exit 225.

Bake thin pancakes made from unleavened dough for 2-3 pcs. per serving. On toasted side of each pancake put mushroom stuffing and wrap it. Wet the surface of the folded pancakes with egg white, roll in crumbs of white wheat bread and fry in butter on both sides. Put in the broiler for 5-6 minutes.

To prepare the stuffing of fresh porcini mushrooms and chop very finely not or chop them into thin slices and fry with oil. Onions chop and fry separately. Then, connect, add hot milk sauce of medium thickness, for baked dishes, and raw egg yolk. All mix and season to taste with salt and pepper.

When serving put the pancakes on a heated plate or oval dish, covered with a paper towel. You can decorate with parsley, fried in deep fat. The gravy boat to file sour cream.


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