Cocktails fairytales

Cocktails fairytales

Cocktail ‘Riddle’
Vermouth 30, cognac 30, 20 liquor orange, lemon juice 5, 5 canned fruit, ice 10.
Prepared in a shaker.

Cocktail ‘Lighthouse’
Liqueur “Chartreuse” 20, 20 cognac, eggs (yolks) 15.
In a short pour liquor, add egg yolk dietary and carefully pour the cognac, egg yolk must be a whole form. Cocktails three colors: green (liquor), yellow (egg yolk), brown – cognac.

Cocktail ‘In flight’
Soviet Champagne 55, tincture ashberry on cognac 30, liquor “Vanilla” 10, 10 fruits canned, ice 20.
To make this cocktail in a glass or wine glass should be put edible ice, then pour in the lemon juice, sugar syrup, tincture, liquor, referred to in layouts, and mix well with a spoon. After that, put the canned fruit.


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  1. Candace Kage says:

    If a person was having a party these would be a huge hit.


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