Crab salad

Crab salad

Crabs 50, 20 egg, green salad 30, 15 carrots, potatoes 30, cauliflower or apples 25, peas or green beans 15, 20 tomatoes, salad dressing 15, 40 mayonnaise sauce, olives 10.

Сrabs marinate for a few minutes in salad dressing. In the middle of the salad bowl or a vase to put a slide sliced seasoned green salad or a mixture of vegetables, diced (1/3 of the total number) and dressed with mayonnaise and crab on them.

Around the hill lay heaps garnish: mug eggs and boiled carrots, boiled cauliflower or slices of apples, peas or green beans, tomatoes and lettuce.

Garnish fill the salad dressing. Decorate with slices of apple salad, olives or sliced prunes. Mayonnaise Sauce submitted separately.


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  1. Sofia says:

    So yummy! I love all the ingredients in this salad.


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