Fish soup of sterlet | Sterlet Ukha

Fish soup of sterlet | Sterlet Ukha

Fish broth (ordinary ukha) 400, 95 sterlet, butter 2, carrots 5, lemon 1/15 pcs., pepper, herbs.

Sterlet clean, gut and wash well. Scrape with a knife from the skin mucus, and then to complete its removal to wipe the fish tissue. In portion bowl or saucepan pour the clear fish broth (ordinary ukha), cooked in this recipe, bring it to a boil, lay sterlets pieces, add pepper (2-3 grains) and cook for 10-15 minutes (depending on the size of the pieces of fish). Appears on the surface of the foam is removed, leaving the fat sequins.

If the surface of the soup is not enough fat, the last to enter further. To do this, carrot, shredded on the grater, then fry in butter, drain and pour a few drops of oil into the broth. After the heat treatment to separate from fish cartilage.

Serve the soup in the same bowl in which it is boiled or heated plate, which put a piece of sterlet and pour the fish broth. Separately on the socket submit a slice of lemon and chopped parsley. You can also make Moscow rasstegai or Kulebyaka.

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