Barbecue of meat elk or deer

Barbecue of meat elk or deer

200 meat, butter or olive oil for frying 5, onion and green 20, cucumbers, tomatoes or pickles 75;
for the marinade: wine vinegar 10, black pepper 2-3 peas, 10 onion, garlic 0.5, 1 sugar, 2 salt, bay leaf.

Meat (the flesh), cut into pieces of 30-40 g, put in a non-oxidizing dish, pour the marinade and let stand in a cool place for 10-12 hours.

To prepare the marinade, vinegar diluted with an equal amount of boiled cold water, add grated or minced onion, pounded garlic with salt, sugar, black pepper coarsely crushed and broken down into smaller pieces bay leaf. 

For 10 minutes before serving marinated meat strung on skewers and cook on the grill or spit, periodically lubricating meat olive oil, or butter or melted pork fat.

Serve with raw onion and green onions, tomatoes, or cucumbers with pickled cherries, plums, melon, grapes. Separately to submit spicy soy sauce.


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  1. VET LEOW says:

    Over here where I stayed, deer meat are quite expensive if you eat them in restaurants…


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