Millet pudding with raisins

Millet pudding with raisins

Porridge ready 200, melted butter 15, 10 eggs, 10 raisins, sugar 10, 5 crackers, sour cream 5

In millet sticky porridge, cooked with milk diluted with water, add peeled from the stems and washed the raisins, eggs beaten with sugar, and stir.
Seasoned porridge to put an even layer (no more than 4 cm) greased with melted butter and sprinkle with breadcrumbs a baking sheet.

The surface of the cereal to flatten, brush with mixture of egg and cream, milk or cream, porridge and then bake it in the oven at 250-280°C, so that the top and bottom of the casseroles formed a crispy crust.

The casserole is ready, remove from the pan and cut into pieces of square or rectangular shape. Serve the casserole hot with butter or drizzled with melted butter, sour cream, fruit or milk sweet sauce.


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