Dessert parfait

Dessert parfait

Coffee parfait

Cream 70, 15 sugar, milk 15, 9 eggs, coffee 4.

In hot milk pour ground organic coffee, boil for 5 minutes, then let stand. Egg yolks, mashed with sugar, dilute the prepared milk coffee infusion, boil until thick, then cooled. The cooled mixture to enter into whipped cream, pour into prepared mold and freeze.

Wild strawberry parfait

Cream 60, 10 wild strawberry, sugar 15, 12 milk, eggs 9.

The cooled egg-milk mixture to combine with sweet berry puree, then stirring continuously pour in the whipped cream. The resulting mixture is expanded into molds and freeze.

Chocolate parfait

Cream 65, 15 sugar, milk 15, Eggs 9, cocoa powder 3.

In mixed with sugar, egg yolks, pour chocolate or cocoa powder, grind well, dissolve the mass of hot milk, boil and cool. Connect the egg-milk mixture with the whipped cream, parfait pour into prepared pan and freeze as well as vanilla parfait.


9 Comments Add yours

  1. Wild strawberry parfait seems nice. 😛


  2. Candace Kage says:

    This would be a pleasure to partake of.


  3. All of these sound delicious! Personally, I think the chocolate one sounds best, but I have a bit of a sweet tooth! 😉


  4. YES PLEASE for that coffee parfait!!


  5. Gill Jacob says:

    These sound superyummy – definitely some good recipes to try !


  6. Lovely range for parfaits. The coffee recipe caught my attention as I love coffee!


  7. Rachel King says:

    This is so interesting! I've never heard of parfaits like this. I only know them as the layered yogurt, granola, and fresh fruit kinds! These sound great though. 🙂


  8. Parfaits are such easy desserts and yet I always forget about them, these look delicious!


  9. That coffee parfait sounds like something my husband would love, but that strawberry parfait is calling my name! YUM!


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