Various pumpkin dishes

Pumpkin dishes

Pumpkin casserole with cottage cheese

Pumpkin 150, 80 cottage cheese, semolina 20, 40 milk, eggs 1/2 pcs., 15 sugar, sour cream 40, butter 20, cumin.

Purified pumpkin cut into pieces and simmered in butter until tender. Then combine with a thick semolina porridge, boiled in milk, and rubbed cottage cheese. Put the eggs, sugar, salt to taste, cumin. Well mix and put on a greased pan or a la carte pans, smooth, brush with egg and bake in the ovens.

Pumpkin porridge

200 Pumpkin, wheat or semolina 25, butter 25, 30 milk, sugar 10.

Peeled, chopped pumpkin simmered with milk and oil, then put washed millet or semolina into a pumpkin, sugar, salt and cook on low heat until tender.
When submitting put a piece of butter to the porridge.

Pumpkin baked with egg

Pumpkin 200, eggs 1 pcs., 50 milk, butter 25, 5 flour, pepper, dill.

Prepared pumpkin cut into pieces of 15-20 g, sprinkle with pepper, breaded in flour and fry in butter until tender, then put the pan and pour the egg mixed with milk. bake in ovens.
When serving sprinkle with dill.



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  1. VET LEOW says:

    I am craving for some pumpkin porridge now! 🙂


  2. Paola Cioppi says:

    I looooove pumpkin in any way. I would love to have some of this right now.


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