Semolina porridge

Semolina porridge

Sweet semolina porridge with nuts

Semolina 30, milk 130, 15 sugar, walnuts (core) or 10 almonds, vanillin 0.01, 15 eggs, syrup, marmalade or jam 30.

Cook the liquid porridge with milk, sugar and vanilla. Raw eggs pour in pastry boiler, which should be put in hot water (Bain Marie) and whisk the egg mixture with a whisk, heat to 45-50°, and then heating it to stop, and the churning of the mass to continue for as long as she doesn’t turn into a thick foam.
Beaten eggs, stirring to combine in two to three steps with hot porridge, to which you add chopped walnuts. Spread out the porridge into a La carte dishes, and serve cold with fruit syrup, marmalade or jam.

Layered semolina porridge

30 semolina, milk 130, 15 sugar, cocoa 10, jam 30 and milk 200.

Cook the liquid porridge with milk and immediately after the end of cooking half the quantity of semolina to pour in an even layer on a baking sheet, previously soaked in water and sprinkled with sugar.
In the rest porridge to add cocoa powder, stir and pour it on the pan of porridge without cocoa also evenly. You can also put porridge layers in the form of small (1-2 servings) or large (8-10 servings) and refrigerate.
Submit cold with jam, marmalade or milk. Jam to put when applying for a portion of porridge, and milk submitted separately in a glass or jug.


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