Corn recipes

Corn recipes

Baked corn

Corn cob 1-2, melted butter or bacon 5, butter 15.

Corn on the cob, cleaned of leaves, put in a single row on a baking sheet greased with a small amount of melted butter or bacon fat, and put in a highly heated (300° C) oven. As soon as the ears on top are slightly browned, they need to flip to the other side and again fry.
Serve with a slice of butter.

Corn souffle

1 corn on the cob, 100 sauce, eggs 1.5 pcs., milk 10, butter 10, cheese 20.

In thick milk hot sauce to add at continuous stirring raw egg yolks, pre-mixed with milk, grated cheese and fresh cooked grain (cobs) of corn. 15 minutes before serving in weight to enter whipped in a dense foam egg proteins and gently stir. To put weight on a greased pan portioned, smooth the surface, brush with beaten egg, sprinkle with grated cheese, drizzle with oil and bake in hot ovens or grill until golden brown.
Serve immediately after baking.

Corn fried in dough

1 corn on the cob, fat for deep-frying 10;
For the dough: flour 20, sunflower oil 5, milk 20 eggs 1/2 pcs.;
For the salad: fresh tomatoes 75, sunflower oil 5, 3% vinegar 5, pepper.

The lactic ripeness corn cob boiled in salted water, clean of leaves, dipped in liquid unleavened dough and fry in deep fat to form on the surface golden brown.
For the dough, egg yolks rubbed with oil, add milk (or water) in which pre-dissolved salt. Pour the sifted flour, stir well, and then enter firmly beaten egg whites, and again stir slightly.
Serve immediately after frying. Separately serve a tomato salad.

Corn with green peas

Corn 75, 75 peas, milk 150, butter 15, flour 5, sugar 5.

Grains of corn lactic ripeness boiled in milk until soft, then add to them fresh green boiled or canned warmed with butter peas. Season with salt and sugar and thicken with flour mixed with butter.



16 Comments Add yours

  1. Candace Kage says:

    Will start with the corn soufflé we love our fresh corn while in season.


  2. jasmine says:

    Yum! I love cooking with fresh corn, especially when I pick it up from a local farmer! My kids love it when I make “corn crackers” – I just cook it on the cob then cut it off so the kernels stick together. Thanks for the recipes!


  3. Being an Indiana girl, there is nothing like a good corn recipe!


  4. susie says:

    These are great recipes, I never thought of any of these before! Going to try the corn and green peas!


  5. Lacey says:

    These sound so good. And what great variety!


  6. My kid loves corn. These recipes are right up to their alley!


  7. DanYELL says:

    These are all some really good recipes. I am going to try some of them out!


  8. Stacy says:

    I'd love to try the baked corn…never done that before. These all sound great!


  9. Amanda says:

    These are great recipes. A lot of corn is grown here in Florida. Looking forward to trying these recipes.


  10. Ah I haven't had soviet Corn on a Cob in so long, kind of miss it hahah. Though the Corn souffle is something new to me. Never had it when I lived in Belarus. Is it from any specific region of former USSR? Since so much of the soviet food is from all over the place, can be hard to figure it out hahha.


  11. Boris, no. No there binding to any republic. By the way, since you lived in Belarus, then i have for you HOLODNIK recipe 🙂


  12. We adore corn in our household so finding new ways to cook with it is great.


  13. Corn are nice food, specially for rainy season
    thank you sharing this article.


  14. Corn souffle sounds soooo good! But I gotta know, out of all of these which is your favorite, Klauss?

    Danielle |


  15. My favorite is simple boiled cob with butter and salt 🙂


  16. Ohhh, I love corn souffle! <3

    -Clarissa @ The View From Here


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