Recipes of Armenian cuisine

Izmir kofta

Izmir kofta

Beef 135, 20 onions, eggs (yolk) 0.5 pcs., wheat flour 5, melted butter 20, 20 tomato, red pepper 2, black pepper.

Beef mince twice, season with raw egg yolk, salt, red and black pepper, finely chopped onion, cut into small balls (5 pieces per serving), breaded in flour and fry. Make tomato gravy for meat broth, pour it over the balls and put them on a low heat, bring to readiness.
When serving, sprinkle with red pepper and herbs.

Kofta Bozbash

Kofta Bozbash | Lamb Soup

Lamb 120, 10 melted butter, onion 15, rice 40, 20 eggs, spices.

Cook the rice soup in meat broth with browned onions and spices. In this soup simmer meatballs with lamb minced meat, mixed with cooked rice, eggs, pepper and greens. For 5 minutes before serving soup to fill with eggs, mixed with water or milk.

Bozbash Echmiadzin

Lamb 80, 10 melted butter, onion 15, 45 eggplant, tomato 85, 25 green beans, sweet peppers 20, 20 okra, potatoes 75, parsley 10.

Lamb boiled, cut into pieces, fry, pour the strained broth, add the browned onions, sliced eggplant, tomatoes, peppers, green beans, okra, potatoes and cook until tender. When serving sprinkle with herbs.

Harissa | Wheat porridge

Harissa | Wheat porridge

Lamb 115 or 100 chicken, cereal wheat 70, 20 melted butter, onion 30.

In the semi-liquid wheat porridge, cooked in meat broth, add chopped pieces of flesh boiled lamb or chicken and beat until the mixture becomes viscous. When serving sprinkle with oil and put the browned onion and sprinkle with cinnamon.


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